the-balconies-of-Republic-Street-Valletta-Malta-You’ll immediately notice that our beautiful Maltese islands have very strong ties with their historic craftsmanship – from the Shoemaker in a quiet back alley in Victoria to the Blacksmith in rural Gharb, an Upholsterer in the Countryside and a Jeweler in the heart of Gozo. Perhaps one of the most prominent trades in Gozo, unchanged for centuries, remains the Carpenter.


A mere look at any building facade on this island will present you with an array of apertures, features and balconies – each one outdoing its previous counterpart in terms of refined craftsmanship. A walk through Valletta or Gozo’s Republic Street is already enough to give you an insight into the time taken to make every turn on every corner truly unique.

This was the inspiration behind my woodwork crafts. An age-old tradition carried forward into the 21st century to produce one-off pieces of history. For instance, I’ve made a number of miniature model balconies which have taken a hefty amount of time to produce. They are  creations born out of passion.5

Oddly enough, seeing as my husband is a carpenter, these creations have been made using recycled cut-outs from solid wood originally used to make actual, life-sized balconies here in Malta and Gozo!

Below is a small galley of woodworks. please Contact me if you want more info.


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