What We Do:

At the Candle Maker – we make candles! (you don’t say!?)

We offer a wide range of different candles, made with different techniques, materials and scents. We have the ability to customize candles with your very own message or picture for weddings, communions, custom gift ideas or for corporate and social events.

Apart from candles and essential oils, we produce woodwork crafts and ceramic mosaics. Contact us for more!

About me:

The Candle Maker was born out of a burning urge to create. A dream deeply embedded into the beauty of my surroundings. A want, nonetheless, to give others a little piece of my life in the Mediterranean.

Some people call my home the land of the tree hills, others call it Calypso’s Island. Many prefer to call it Gozo. By whichever name you choose, I live on a Mediterranean Gemstone, bursting with history, culture, and a lifestyle so unique that I guarantee you will not find a similar way of living anywhere on this planet.

I’m a craftswoman, a modern day artisan. Wax, wood, and a plethora of other materials are the platforms of my creations. My surroundings are my inspiration.

Welcome to GozoCrafts.com – a showcase of crafts made by Beryl Bugeja under the brand name of “Forget Me Not Creations”.

Visit my boutique in Ta’ Dbiegi Crafts Village, Gozo, Malta to see me in action, browse my creations, or order something completely customized.

Whatever you do… Forget me not!