Here at Forget me Not, Candles mean a lot to us.

Whilst we are deeply inclined toward the tradition tied in with art of the Chandler, we are also in touch with the modern world and are not afraid of stepping out of the ordinary. We understand why and how candles are used in the 21st century and that’s why you’ll find a large array of different shapes, sizes, colors and scents in our boutique.

You can view and purchase ready made candles from our boutique in ta’ Dbiegi, or if you are a bulk buyer, we’ll take care of delivering them to you.

We can also customize our products to your need. So for that special occasion or special person – give them something special!

… and by the way none of our products use oils or fats derived from animals, and all components used in our candles are environmentally friendly or bio degradable!


Candle Making – The Origins.

The Craft of Candle Making came to Europe in the middle ages and became a commonplace profession in England and France by the 13th century.


Candle Makers, otherwise known as Chandlers, were responsible for lighting up the homes and streets of Europe from the 13th century until kerosene lamps and eventually the industrial revolution took place.

After candle’s mass popularity as a primary source of light started to wane with the introduction of the Light bulb, v55_8_DSC_0431Candles became more of a decorative item – that something special that marks an extrao
rdinary event or occasion. There is a feeling of comfort in the gentle flicker of a naked flame and the melting of wax which reminds of the fragility of human life and the constant battle with an ever powerful enemy called time.

Feel Free to click on any of the candle images below, they are just a small sample of some of my work. If you would like more pictures, information, or quotations, please feel free to contact me.

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